The Vision series of high quality sheet fed inks are formulated for a wide range of applications. They can be used in all types of multi color presses, on both paper and board substrates. Vision inks are fast setting and rapid drying, but can stay open in the fountain and on the press for extended periods of time. In addition to offering excellent press stability, these products can be UV coated, foil stamped, laminated, and used for post laser imaging application. These inks are available in regular and low tack four color process, in Pantone mixing bases and blends, and in special color match requirements.

Typical Applications


Folding Carton

Special Characteristics

dot High Solids

dot Vegetable Based

dot Stay-Open Qualities

dot Laser Compatible

dot Very Stable on Press

dot Fast Setting and Hard Drying

dot Sharp Printing

dot Good Rub Resistance


The Vision's ink system's unique resin technology allows almost immediate setting on most paper substrates, while the inks themselves remain open in the fountain overnight.

Other Features:

dot Excellent ink transfer from blanket to paper, virtually eliminating hickies, board delamination,

and piling associated with inferior substrates

dot Superior ink and water balance due to lower ink films

dot Clean start-ups and make ready, change-over and work and turn requirements

dot Extremely stable on press

dot High in gloss aqueous and UV coatable

dot Can be foil stamped or embossed

dot Laser compatible

dot Competitively priced